Cabello / Carceller

Helena Cabello (Paris, 1963) and Ana Carceller (Madrid, 1964)

Live and work in Madrid



Cabello/Carceller’s work is set in a territory from which they question, reflect and/or fracture the roles or stereotypes associated to gender. They understand identity as something built in conflict or in consonance with a social, cultural, political and economical environment. They point an `I´ that is found always according to the `others´, this idea vertebrates their production.


In their works the patterns that are linked in a static way to either masculine or feminine roles are revised. In this way, images are subverted in their works along with behaviour codes and attitudes, associated to that which is commonly considered as masculine or feminine.


The rereading that Cabello/Carceller’s work forms in the mentioned models, position the spectator facing multiple prejudice, assumed values and contradictions that manage to effectively destabilize a univocal vision of reality.