Jordi Alcaraz

Aire corrent

  • Guardar idees en forma de pintura, 2012
  • Aire corrent, 2012
  • Sense títol, 2012
  • Els rellotges de l'Enric I, 2012
  • Els rellotges de l'Enric II, 2012
  • L'altre, 2012
  • Procés per atrapar idees, 2012
  • 7 poemes, 2012
  • Guardar idees en forma de pintura (projecte), 2012
  • Llibre de projectes, 2012
  • Llibre d'escultures, 2012

Galeria Joan Prats presents Jordi Alcaraz’s exhibition aire corrent, a selection of works of different formats done in 2012.


Ranging from both painting and sculpture’s classic tradition, Jordi Alcaraz reflects on volume, language and time through materials such as water, glass, mirrors, and books.


In his artistic language there is a predomination of visual transgression, glances’ exchange and conjugation of transparencies and emptiness that provide a glimpse of hidden, magical spaces. His works establish an unpublished and metaphorical relationship with the world through his unique treatment of materials and puns.


The will to overcome support’s rigid plane is the most prominent procedure in his works. The work’s surface has a plastic behavior similar to liquids, can be traversed, ruined, impacted, and acquire the consistency of crystal. His approaches question the existence of precise limits, both in terms of gender –painting, sculpture, writing–, and concepts such as indoor-outdoor, reality-representation, evidence-evocation, presence-absence, volume-emptiness, rational-poetic.


In his later works, Jordi Alcaraz deepens in explore, almost obsessively, the artist’s work: drawing, sculpting, painting, focusing on the creative process, and not on the work as the aim of such action.


These paintings and sculptures are explicitly designed not to interact with any preconceived theory, verbalization or specific intent; and they explore the idea that anything once it’s named, it begins to disappear.


The result of it are works in which the absence is more important than the evidence, the absence of almost all, the role of the disappearance of the work, the permanence of the action. We can see the space that is left, the trail of the material used, the trace of its former presence in the surface’s holes, or the color that gets caught in the loop of paper, but the absence of anything else is almost absolute. And sometimes, we don’t even see the material, the trail, the reflection…sometimes it’s just smoke, or the essence of something as fragile as a cloud.



Jordi Alcaraz (*1963), born in Calella, Barcelona, begins his artistic trajectory in sculpture and engraving in the 80s. In recent years he has exhibited in Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery (LAMAG), Los Angeles, USA (2011); LACMA, Los Angeles, USA (2011); Museum Der Bildenden Künste, Leipzig, Germany (2010); Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona (2010); Centre d’Art Tecla Sala, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, (2008) or Fundación Telefónica, Madrid (2001), among others. His works can be found in collections such as Biedermann Museum, Donaueschingen, Germany; Colección Fontanal Cisneros, Miami or Williams Collection, New York, among others.


In 2013, Jordi Alcaraz will participate in the exhibition ‘Nuage‘ in Musée Rattu de Arles, France.