Aleksandra Mir

Lubin, Poland, 1967

Citizen of Sweden and USA

Lives and works in London



Aleksandra Mir´s work is articulated around projects in which existing frictions between spheres of the private and the public, the local and the global and the intimate and the collective are demonstrated.


Her formation in Cultural Anthropology and in Audiovisual Communication has taken her to explore the strategies that are commonly used in the communication media. Such strategies are used in the exercise of power as much as in the inter-subjective relationships, two fields that configure the territory of the artistic practice exercised by Mir.


In spite of the especially speculative character of the themes she treats, the resulting works possesses a subversive element, almost playful, that approaches the spectator in an effective way. Likewise, many of her pieces require collaboration and direct implication of different collectives in the elaboration of the works.