Architecture of Confinement

The Architecture of Confinement

Annika Kahrs

14 Jun 2021

BNKR, Munich

19.6 -17.10.2021


The exhibition trilogy “The Architecture of”, curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, showcases artistic positions at the intersection of art and architecture. Each of the three exhibitions relates directly to different chapters in the evolving history of the exhibition building. The second part, “The Architecture of Confinement”, references the use of the building as an internment camp during the denazification policy period from 1945 to 1948.


A new work by ANNIKA KAHRS, specifically commissioned for this exhibition explores the connections between space and sound in a period of isolation. The video and sound installation our Solo experiments with mixing the perception of music in a classical concert hall and of music played in a private setting. Four professional musicians are seen, who seemingly enter into a dialogue across physical distances. Three of these musicians play alone in their private homes, to practice pieces of music and melodies, and improvise individual fragments of sound. Their music seems to transcend through the walls of an empty concert hall, and onto the stage of an opera singer. Different melodies emerge and invite her directly to interact with these domestic performances and intimate moments. The presentation of the work in the basement of BNKR blurs the boundaries between listening and performing, indoor and outdoor space, and between private and public music.



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Architecture of Confinement