Borrador para una exposición sin título


3 Dec 2016


Borrador para una exposición sin título.

Curator: Manuel Segade

CA2M, Madrid

19.01.2017 – 02.05.2017


Since 1992, Cabello/Carceller (Paris, 1963 / Madrid, 1964) have constructed a joint artistic project focused on a critique of hegemonic visual culture. Over this time, they have made use of tools of feminist, queer and decolonial theory and of visual and cultural studies to produce a body of work that questions the neoliberal model of social production. By means of interdisciplinary practices they afford alternatives to conventional narratives on political minorities, including the debate on the role of contemporary art production. Based on mutual collaboration and on the incorporation of external actors and agents, their working method has enabled them to enact displacements and disruptions that uncover resistances to and divergences with conventional values.


Following their participation in the Spanish Pavilion at the latest Venice Biennale, this exhibition is the first survey show of their practice, contextualising their latest projects within a framework bookended on one side by the Cultural Wars of the late eighties—their formative period—and on the other by the social revolutions against the return to neoliberal order in recent years.