Phenomenal Ocean

Teresa Solar

23 Sep 2019

28.09.2019, 11-19h

The Current II, Convening #2 led by Chus Martínez
Featuring Ocean Archive Launch


Can what is necessary be as well pleasurable? Can a radical transformation, following the principles of feminism, anti-racism, and anti-fascism be easier than we think and closer than we expect?


A day on ideas that contribute to the invention of a new language about the Ocean, one that includes pedagogy, structural changes, science, and hopefully some joy.


Ocean Space has as its primordial aim to enhance—through a dialogue between art, science, advocacy, and activism—the process and the demands of becoming Earth.


To this process belongs not only action and a sense of urgency, but also philosophy, art, and defining culture, so that it encompasses scientific thinking and analysis, political thought, community concerns, and justice in all its complex forms.



Julieta Aranda

Amanda Coulson


Elena Mazzi

Skye Morét

Francesca Mussi

Katrin Niedermeier

Ingo Niermann

Alexander Tarakhovsky

Lena Maria Thüring

Tabita Rezaire

Marzia Rover

Teresa Solar

Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll


with a special contribution by

Niño de Elche


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