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Notas al pie: El tiempo (con Derek Jarman), 2020

Notas al pie: El tiempo (con Derek Jarman), 2020
Watercolor, graphite, tissue paper, tape on Geler mate paper
23 x 32,5 cm 

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The artistic couple present a drawing inspired by the figure of the Englishman Derek Jarman, film director, set designer, plastic artist, writer, poet, actor, filmmaker and homosexual rights activist. Jarman is known worldwide for the quality of his works.


One of the artist’s most outstanding films is “Blue” (1993). This feature film was the last of his career, released four months before his death from AIDS-related complications. Such difficulties had already left him partially blind at the time of the film’s release, only being able to see in blue tones.


The film tries to be a portrait of Derek Jarman and his experiences with AIDS, as well as an analysis of the concepts associated with the color blue. All of this, without concessions to sentimentality or self-pity and even occasionally resorting to irony or humor.


Cabello/Carceller in Notas al pie: El tiempo (con Derek Jarman), 2020 capture the concept that the filmmaker wanted to give in his work, using the color Klein blue and representing a portrait of the artist. Accompanied with the phrase “The year slips on the calendar”, reinforcing the message.

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