Caio Reisewitz

Caio Reisewitz Casa Canoas VII, 2015 Casa JK, 2015 Caio Reisewitz Caio Reisewitz Caio Reisewitz Penedo, 2013 Paretinga, 2010 Caio Reisewitz Caio Reisewitz Itacoatiara, 2015 Caio Reisewitz Caio Reisewitz Jeribucaçú, 2015 Tucumã, 2015 Iguaçú V, 2010 Iguaçú VIII, 2010 Agua que cai, 2011 Itaperahy, 2011 Islas Cíes, 2009 Fisterra, 2009 Palmengarten IV. Frankfurt, 2007 Santuario San Pedro Claver VI, Bertioga I, 2003 Bertioga II, 2003 Catanguera, 2009 Jurioca, 2009 Avanhandava, 2015 Carunteira, 2014 Pauhy, 2014 Altamira III, 2015 Movimentações Financeiras Extravagantes, 2020 Superintendente substituído, 2020 blindagem absurda, 2020

São Paulo, 1967

Lives and works in São Paulo



The register of a high-speed changing nature is one of the subjects that articulates Caio Reisewitz’s photographic work and, in this sense, his images are placed in a tradition in which photographic means are witnesses and capture ephemeral realities. The activity of man on the planet, and in certain areas in particular, radically modifies the appearance of the landscape.


His photographs, which are mostly large format, are characterized by their frontality and by a spectacular clarity that shows an exuberant nature and an unreal utopian beauty. On one occasion he himself commented: ‘sometimes these images don’t seem real, utopian they are, but they are true, it is the pure reality’.