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Lola Lasurt

14/09, 18.00h-20.30h Opening

18.30h: visit by Lola Lasurt with Esther Guillén and Neus Miró

19/10, 19.00h: visit by Lola Lasurt


Lola Lasurt’s project for the upcoming Barcelona Gallery Weekend wants to vindicate abstract artistic practices that interest the artist through her painting, she tries to paint abstraction figuratively.


The project has two parts with which Lasurt approaches pictorially, first, the Escuela de Vallecas (1920-39) and, later, the ceramics of Esther Guillén (Lleida, 1943). This artist has produced relevant and little-known work since the 1960s, characterized by an abstraction based on organic forms that, according to Lasurt, seems to be influenced by the artistic avant-garde prior to the Spanish Civil War and also by ceramic artistic practices that took place during the last years of the dictatorship and the first years of the democracy. Many of these practices were influenced by the lessons that Angelina Alòs taught from the thirties to the eighties at the Escola del Treball in Barcelona.


A selection of ceramics by Esther Guillén will be presented in the exhibition, together with the works by Lola Lasurt. Lasurt thus composes an exhibition device that generates a genealogy of practices through formally connected works and elements.


Text by Neus Miró (cultural manager and independent curator)


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