Confesión general

Luis Gordillo

6 Oct 2016


Confesión general

CAAC Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla

07.10 – 28.02.2017

This exhibition is a classical retrospective in the sense that it focuses on the key moments and milestones in the prolific career of Luis Gordillo (b. Seville, 1934), establishing an itinerary that covers the majority of his creative stages and the different media he has used over the years. In its inaugural presentation in Seville, the show follows a chronological route through period-specific rooms with multiple stops along the way: the automatic drawings of his Art Informel stage; the heads related to British Pop Art, along with his three-four-legged creatures, pedestrians and motorists; drawing as the backbone of his 1970s output, together with his experiments in photography and seriality which lasted most of that decade; the 1980s, primarily represented by his “meandering” series; the 1990s, centred on one of his most important paintings, Blancanieves y el Pollock feroz [Snow White and the Big, Bad Pollock]; experiments with new formats and media that accompanied the advent of the digital era in the 2000s; and, finally, a new series of heads created in 2015. Additionally, a separate space attempts to show how his works are constructed by means of a replica or reproduction of his studio.