Double Feature

Annika Kahrs

29 Jan 2020

Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

29.1.2020 – 19.30h


For more than six years, the SCHIRN has served as a forum for national and international film­makers and video artists. Under the heading Double Feature, the latter present a work from their own oeuvre, followed by their favorite film. Already, films and videos by more than 50 guests have been shown. Double Feature is designed as a platform for various trends and forms of expression in film and video production which, with the dawn of digitization if not before, is now considered an art form in its own right. On the last Wednesday of every month and in conversation with the curators Katharina Dohm, Matthias Ulrich and guest curators, the invited artists provide extensive insight into their creative work, especially their interest in film.




Sound as a communications tool forms a central theme in the work of Annika Kahrs. Her performances, films, photo series and installations are often based on musical productions conceived as playful experimental setups. Music as a verbal form of expression functions at the same time as an outlet and a metaphor in all of this. At the Schirn, the artist will be showing her film the lord loves changes, it’s one of his greatest delusions (2018, 16 Min.), in which she adapts two pieces by American composer Julius Eastman.


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