the billion year spree

Annika Kahrs

6 Mar 2019

Flat Time House, London

8.3 – 14.4.2019

Opening 7.3.2019 6.30-9pm


With contributions by: Louis d’Heudieres, Felix Kubin, Julian Mader Max Prediger, Marius Schwarz and Dr. Saskia Steinmann




For her first solo exhibition in the UK, Annika Kahrs presents the billion year spree, a selection of new works using film, performance and installation commissioned in response to and positioned throughout Flat Time House. For the billion year spree she has focused her research into John Latham’s holistic cosmology of time and the universe, and how this might be visualised through time-based music and the atemporality of scores.


The title of the show derives from a 1970’s science fiction encyclopedia by Brian Aldiss, a collection of past imaginings of possible futures. Kahrs brings together her research into Latham with other perspectives via the Max Planck Institute, Berlin, the realm of psychiatric neuroimaging, and the search for cosmic gravitational waves at LIGO. From these starting points her work focuses on systems or forms of communication, interpretation and translation. Using music and sound she shifts or assembles what we hear through a performative process, making timelines intertwine and auditory perceptions interact.


the billion year spree is accompanied by a series of performances, concerts and talks on music, sound and scores.


the billion year spree event programme


As part of her exhibition the billion year spree Annika Kahrs has invited a series of guests to create a special programme of performances, concerts and talks.

(All events are free or pay what you can)


9.3.2019 6-8pm Concert: Felix Kubin, Between Events


6.4.2019 7-8pm Talk: Annika Kahrs in conversation with Gareth Bell-Jones. 8-9pm  Book Launch: Marius Schwarz, eeeee books: Annika Kahrs


11.4.2019 7-8pm  Lecture: Dr. Saskia Steinmann of the Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab of Harvard Medical School, Boston, Fluid boundaries of perception


13.4.2019 3-5pm & 6-8pm Two opportunities to attend performance and concert event with Louis d’Heudieres and Annika Kahrs. Concert: Louis d’Heudieres, it’s about time. Performance: Annika Kahrs, think about the size of the universe, then brush your teeth and go to bed



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