espaço pedro cabrita reis

Espaço Pedro Cabrita Reis


1 Jun 2022

The mayor of Sintra, Basílio Horta, inaugurated this Monday at MU.SA – Museu das Artes de Sintra, the Espaço Pedro Cabrita Reis, where ‘Uma Nuvem Negra’ will be permanently on display.


The space was inaugurated with the presence of the Minister of Culture, Pedro Adão e Silva, in a ceremony in which the artist Pedro Cabrita Reis was awarded the Medal of Municipal Merit, in recognition of all the work carried out.


The new space will permanently exhibit the work ‘Uma Nuvem Negra’, in the same place for which it was designed for the exhibition ‘No Reino das Nuvens – as Artistas e a Invenção de Sintra’, which marked the 25th anniversary of the elevation of Sintra to Heritage of the Humanity, between May 27 and October 17, 2021.


The work ‘Uma Nuvem Negra’, which now resides in the space for which it was designed, an imposing triptych measuring 351 x 566 cm, contains a metamorphic atmosphere that captures the essence of the place, the landscape, the climate of Sintra, exposing us and confronting us with its uniqueness. 


In addition to ‘Uma Nuvem Negra’, the new space has two works kindly donated by the artist to the Municipality of Sintra that unify the impactful, cohesive and almost cathartic character of the intended ambience for the space. 


The premise for the creation of this space involves the dynamization of an active and attractive program around the work. The program will be based on two structuring pillars: “Habitar o Espaço”, which will be based on initiatives that enhance the physical space itself – on how it is influenced and influences the work – and which are intended to be comprehensive and inclusive; “Habitar o Espaço”, whose proposal is to promote dialogue between the works of art from the Municipal Art Collection and the resident work. To this end, several personalities linked to the artistic and cultural environment will be invited to choose works from the Municipal Art Collection that dialogue, challenge and contrast the resident work. 


Espaço Pedro Cabrita Reis opens to the public with a challenging exhibition proposal placing side by side the auratic and admirable landscapes of Pedro Cabrita Reis and the fine and delicate landscapes of Alfredo Keil and João Cristino da Silva, united by the natural and human essence of Sintra.



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espaço pedro cabrita reis