To lose your head (idols)

Perejaume, Lola Lasurt

1 May 2019

Cantieri Navali, Fondamenta Quintavalle, Castello 40 (Venècia)

11.05 – 24.11.2019

For the 6th time, the Institut Ramon Llull presents a Collateral Event for the Biennale Arte. Pedro Azara curates the exhibition Catalonia in Venice_To Lose Your Head (Idols).


The multi-authored exhibition explores the theory of art reception and documents the complex life of public statues in our time. In a world of images, iconoclasm and iconodulia this exhibition questions the fetishism of images as living entities and encourages conversations as a way to foster human happiness, awareness and freedom.


With a performance by Marcel Borràs, video works, photography, an artist’s book and an archive, Catalonia in Venice_To Lose Your Head (Idols) investigates the issue of art reception with a specific focus on naturalistic and figurative statues.


With Marcel Borràs and Albert Garcia-Alzórriz and the collaboration of David Bestué, Perejaume, Francesc Torres, Lúa Coderch, Lola Lasurt and Daniela Ortiz.


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