Extremismos. The limits of Chilean landscape

Fernando Prats

12 Jun 2021

Extremismos. The limits of Chilean landscape.

Selections’ viewing room > June 1 – August 1

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The Chilean landscape is unique in the world.

For its diversity and its magnificence. The extreme north, arid, desert, contrasts with the south, polar and silhouetted by high peaks.

In between, forests, jungles, lakes, rivers, and volcanoes. A unique starry sky, and a coastline that seems eternal.

The artists have been captivated, trapped by the environment. In this exhibition, we offer you a selection of contemporary artists who have translated the landscape through art.

The show is curated by Juan José Santos. 




The Andes Mountains in Prats’ work are a reference to his persistent recalling of territories of origin and the energy immersed in their extreme nature. On one hand, he uses the unprecedented exploit of the French aviator Adrienne Bolland who, in 1921, crossed this mountain range for the first time. Bolland challenged, in a subversive act, all predictions. On the other, Prats uses drawings of the peaks from the Atlas de la República de Chile 1875 by geologist A. Pissis. In this way, the work refers to a poetic dialogue that is generated in the artist’s imagination. He reattributes significance to both explorations of the territory within the folds that obsessively captivate our gaze.



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