Fabian Marcaccio

Firing Squad Wall, 2012 Islamic-Catholic, 2016 Zombie 1, 2016 Nicole, 2013 Red carpet, 2013 Arbological, 2014 Structural Brush Mark (Olive Green), 2014 Cut in, Cut out, 2016 Intra-Ground, 2016 Plastemic Cluster, 2015 Plastemic Singularity 4, 2015 Plastemic Singularity 6, 2015 Plastemic Cluster 4, 2015 Untitled, 2007 Frosen-Paintant, 2007 Paintant Stuttering, 2007 Babylon noise, 2007 Free form coercion 4, 1998 In-Media integration, 1998 Conjectures for a new Paint Management (Rope Ground), 2019 Conjectures for a new Paint Management (Megan), 2019

Rosario, Argentina, 1963

Lives and works in New York



Fabian Marcaccio is one of the pioneers of digital painting. Attempting to redefine the pictorial genre, his work extends the temporal and spatial parameters, and tracks the integration of the hand-made and the machine-made.


In the nineties, he worked with composition and digital printing and, later on 3D printing, to create pictorial works that he calls Paintants, a neologism from painting and mutant. Marcaccio considers painting as a constellation of changing content, sometimes rendered as panels, sometimes as 3D configurations, sometimes as animations, and sometimes on an environmental scale.