Hernández Pijuan

Lliris blancs, 1988 Flors gravades sobre negre, 2001 Llindars ocre, 1989 Núvol blanc, 1991 Les Albes del Segre XII, 1983 La Seu Vella IV, 1985 Set Franges Horitzontals, 1977 Ou en un paisatge, 1973 Jardí NY, 1986 Núvol negre, 1986 Paisatge gris, 1986 Horitzontal, 1984 Paisatge obscur (2), 1986 Ocre i flors, 1988 Fulles, 1984 S/T 12, 1998 Hernández Pijuan

Barcelona, 1931-2005



Joan Hernández Pijuan started painting during the sixties with a style related to expressionism. Nevertheless, during the seventies the empty space started gaining prominence in his paintings such as the geometrical figures. As he mentioned himself, `the space´ became the objective of his work; `I’d say that a constant preoccupation is, and has been finding a space as total protagonist of the canvass. (…) A space as a living element and not as a surface upon which one draws or places himself.´


The landscape of his childhood in the town of Folquer have become a pictorial motive in his adult age: Hernández Pijuan resorts to a memory exercise to recreate it synthetically in his painting.


The objective of this painter was never to achieve a descriptive or narrative painting, but to emphasize through the monochrome the pictorial technique itself.