Josep Guinovart

Barcelona, 1927-2007


Guinovart began his career as a painter in the 1940s, after having studied arts in Barcelona. He traveled to Paris, with a scholarship from the French Institute, at the beginning of the fifties, and, when he came back, his work, which had been marked by the figuration of Nonell or Gimeno, evolved into the abstract collage, linking to informalism.


At the end of the sixties, Guinovart’s work is politicized, incorporating allusions that allow the viewer to understand its meaning. His characteristic style has been defined as critical brutality, by the appearance of materials and elements of construction or of the field.


The work of Guinovart expands, through collage, towards sculpture. Throughout the seventies, his works take larger measures and win the third dimension with the incorporation of a large number of materials. Guinovart’s production is very diverse, from ceramics, graphic works, tapestries, posters, murals, to books and stage sets.