Juan Uslé


10/10/2019 - 28/12/2019
  • To be titled
  • Nortesur, 2, 2018-9

Opening: 10.10.2019,  7pm


The title of the new exhibition by Juan Uslé in Galeria Joan Prats, ‘Unsettled’ alludes metaphorically to painting, the central subject of his entire work.

In the words of Uslé: “Speaking of painting, I would also speak of its tremor, of its ‘unfixedness’, of its trajectory or, better yet, of what we understand as displacement.”

Formed by repeated strokes, although never identical, his works are characterized by movement and rhythm, and invoke the environment that surrounds him, and at the same time, the energy of the body’s impulses. Uslé creates a pictorial language where formal or metalinguistic aspects are mixed with his life experience, as well as allusions to time and to the creation process itself. According to Juan Uslé: “Time is what we have left. I conceive it as a horizontal surface on which events of the past and the future are deposited and transfigured. Many of my smaller works seem to extend themselves, to spread out in space. They suggest what we might call a landscape or space of multiple juxtaposed horizons.”