Juan Uslé & Victoria Civera

Juan Uslé, Victoria Civera

13 Dec 2017

Exposició a la Sala Josep Renau, Facultat de Belles Arts, Universitat Politècnica de València, 21.12.2017 – 2.3.2018

Lliurament de la Medalla de Sant Carles, 21.12.2017



end-of-year selection


Borrell, Cabello/Carceller, Cabrita, Civera, Collins, Congost, Gordillo, Jauch, Kahrs, Kopf, Lasurt, Madoz, Muntadas, del Pozo, Prats, Reisewitz, Rubio Juliana, Sarmento, Sicilia, Solar, Uslé

14 Dec 2020

During this time of year we want to celebrate the holidays with you.   We all know art is a great way of expressing human emotion, and what better gift to make on this time of the year than that?   When you buy pieces of art you are supporting …