Pablo del Pozo

Pablo del Pozo Pablo del Pozo Pieles, 2017 Un manto de flores, 2018 Un manto de flores, 2018 Bohío de muda, 2018 Horizonte, 2018 Exhibition view Escalera, 2018 El cajón, 2017 Cicatrices, 2018 Untitled (Filtro verde), 2018 Frottage II, 2018 Untitled (Filtro amarillo), 2018 Untitled (Filtro rojo II), 2018 Pablo del Pozo

Badajoz, 1994

Lives and works in Barcelona


The works by Pablo del Pozo have a strong autobiographical character, linked to the experiences of the artist. The feeling of belonging to a place, displacement and nostalgia are subjects that concern him. From the characteristics of the materials used (clay, plaster, pigments and also found objects), he seeks to talk about the precariousness of life, thus generating a reflection on the daily reality.