Paesaggi Mentali / Traiettorie Naturali


5 Jun 2018

Museo di Geologia G. G. Gemmellaro, Palermo

15.06 -30.09.2018

Opening: 14.06.2018 18-24h




The exhibition, curated by Lorenzo Bruni, reflects on the prerogatives that could today express the concept of the “ideal” landscape from both a nature and intercultural interaction perspective.

The purpose of the project is to consider landscapes as territories to share in experiencing its discovery, as well as in the reinstatement of the concept of community. The artists invited to intervene in the Geological Museum, thus entering into a dialogue with the collection and its particular museum display, are Maurizio Nannucci, Antoni Muntadas and Marinus Boezem, internationally renowned artists that have been active since the 1960s and among the first to explore the dialogue between nature, culture and language, as well as three mid-career as Salvatore Arancio, Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy and Paolo Parisi. These artists of Sicilian origin that long ago chose to live and work off the island analyse memory and their comeback in Sicilia to create site specific works. The journey and the dynamics of dialogue are adopted and evoked by the artists to create the various reflections connected to the theme of the discourse between the id, our surroundings, the sense of belonging and the manner of conveying know-how in the digital age. To underline the need for increasing awareness about both the physical and mental context within which the observer interacts with the global and intangible reality of information, three additional artists were invited – Stefania Galegati Shines, David Medalla and Gianni Melotti – to create specific projects tied to communicating the overall project and to suggest an innovative perspective of the role of the museum in this era of instant digital archives.

end-of-year selection


Borrell, Cabello/Carceller, Cabrita, Civera, Collins, Congost, Gordillo, Jauch, Kahrs, Kopf, Lasurt, Madoz, Muntadas, del Pozo, Prats, Reisewitz, Rubio Juliana, Sarmento, Sicilia, Solar, Uslé

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