Pedro Cabrita Reis Assembly/Versammlung


1 Mar 2022

Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria

In cooperation with the municipality of Gnas

Institut for Art in Public Space Styria

Curated by Elisabeth Fiedler and Peter Pakesch
Opening: March, 7th 2022
Duration: March to December 2022


Pedro Cabrita Reis (* 1956 in Lisbon), one of the most important Portuguese artists of the present day, works with civilisation’s remnants and building material. Time and again he creates new spaces or reinterprets old ones. Invited years ago to south eastern Styria by Peter Pakesch, he was fascinated by the tile grid architecture of the region.

He has created a new space in a piece of forest in Poppendorf from his enquiries into space, architecture and cultural remembrance, and into collective and individual memories. This space engages in dialogue with its surroundings, revealing thereby a new reality. 21 benches made from bricks, into which pairs of words are engraved, give rise to a spatial poem. Assembly/Versammlung is an autonomous work of art, which represents both a sculpture (and furniture piece) and a basis for communication – and contemplation, too.


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