Political Advertisement X 1952-2020


13 Oct 2020

MUNTADAS + Marshall Reese


Political Advertisement X 1952-2020



Since 1984, artists Muntadas and Marshall Reese have created an anthology of presidential campaign television advertisements which has been updated every 4 years to include spots from each presidential election year. Their latest iteration, Political Advertisement X: 1592-2020, is a personal vision of how politics and politicians are presented through the moving image





October 13 [Muntadas+David Trueba]-14 – Sala Equis Madrid, Spain


October 23-27 [Oct. 26 online Q&A] – The J. Paul Getty Museum Los Angeles, California


October 27 – Zimmerli Museum and the Edward J. Bloustein. School of Planning and Public Policy. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey


October 28 – Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco, California


October 29 – Museum of Art and Design, New York


October 26-December 27 – Wexner Center for the Arts Columbus, Ohio


November 1 – American Film Insitute Silver Theatre and Cultural Center, Silver Spring, Maryland


November 3, 18h – Zumzeig cinecooperativa

end-of-year selection


Borrell, Cabello/Carceller, Cabrita, Civera, Collins, Congost, Gordillo, Jauch, Kahrs, Kopf, Lasurt, Madoz, Muntadas, del Pozo, Prats, Reisewitz, Rubio Juliana, Sarmento, Sicilia, Solar, Uslé

14 Dec 2020

During this time of year we want to celebrate the holidays with you.   We all know art is a great way of expressing human emotion, and what better gift to make on this time of the year than that?   When you buy pieces of art you are supporting …