• Estamos condenados al éxito


Estamos condenados al éxito, 2002

Limited editions

Estamos condenados al éxito, 2002 (Argentina)
Silkscreen print, edition of 40
70 x 100 cm

This work is unframed.

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An open open series of screen prints that mix local linguistic expressions with paradoxically famous sentences extracted from the media imaginary, composing slogans and successive iconographies. Ironic and apparently impersonal phrases from contexts that have very different implications from each other.

– Colombia is doing well (Colombia)

– España va bien (Spain)

– Brasil Tudo bom, Tudo bem (Brasil)

– Lo hecho en México está bien hecho (Mexico)

– …estamos condenados al éxito (Argentina)

– Tout va bien (France)

– We are fantastic (Uruguay)



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