Ràfols Casamada

La taula, 1982 Laguna veneziana, 1987 Estany gris, 1987 Roig nocturn, 1989 Música aquàtica, 1986 Crepuscle, 1986 Salomon Way, 1989 Taula i objectes, 1984 Final d’estiu 1, 1983 Forma central, 1983 Marge rosa, 1992

Barcelona, 1922-2009



Besides his long pictorial career which has boosted him internationally, Albert Ràfols Casamada has another creative side as a literary poet. It is of no surprise that his multidisciplinary character attracts him to teaching and pedagogy in the world of fine Art.


In his painting, modernity’s fragile equilibrium has been developed and maintained: his work, of classical origin, incorporates at the same time the legacy of the avant-gardes.


During the early seventies he abandoned figuration to work in the field of abstract painting that would take him, during the eighties and nineties, to develop a more lyrical abstraction. This process would lead to what is his most recognized stage in his artistic career.


On the other hand, Ràfols Casamada has had a fundamental role in the renewal of the arts teaching in Spain being the founding member of the Eina School in Barcelona in 1967.