riga riboca

Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art

Annika Kahrs

16 Jan 2022

Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art announces the name of the third biennial, participants and venues.


Annika Kahrs is amongst the participants of RIBOCA3 main exhibition, opening in July 2022.


The artists’ vision as the conceptual starting point of the exhibition allows the creation of the RIBOCA3 exhibition to be positioned as a space for experimental expressions free from preconceived ideas. The works on display at the Biennale will function in their own right, inspiring discussions that are not subject to the strict theme of the exhibition. The title Dignity Exercises emphasizes the idea that each work of art should be viewed separately, but at the same time they all fit into the concept and context of the biennial. René Bloks, the main curator of the Biennale, explains in more detail: “Looking back at history, gestures that show respect are often used to indicate that we are trying to understand each other, despite differences of opinion. The exhibition will feature voices from different generations and around the world, and it will be both harmonious and disharmonious when listening to the overall sound of the Biennale.”



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riga riboca