Luis Macías

Señales de vidas

APRIL - MAY 2005
  • Man trying to find a space between two thoughts, 2004
  • Man trying to thing properly but without succeed, 2004
  • Mario enjoying mojito time at south beach, 2004
  • George is ready to quit his job at the missile factory, 2004
  • Britney pretending to be someone else at any cost, 2004
  • An optimized world, 2003
  • An optimized world, 2003
  • An optimized world, 2003

This exhibition, which includes the artist’s most recent paintings and drawings, is entitled “Signs of Lives” and explores the theme of “portraits of imaginary people”.


The work of LUIS MACÍAS is characterised by its critical and ironic content. In this exhibition, the artist analyses numerous experiences of various kinds of people in a manner that goes beyond the language of painting. LUIS MACÍAS lives and works in New York.