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Alicia Kopf

Opening, June 13th, 7pm

Exhibition: 14/06 – 31/07/2019

Thursday 25.07.2019, 7 pm : Sound and performative action with Nil Ciuró + Núria Guiu + Alicia Kopf




Speculative Intimacy proposes an emotional science fiction perspective to originate new stories about the interactions between bodies, human and non-human.


Resignify the sci-fi to a speculation on desire – that gravitational attraction – in a bet for a de-hierarchization of points of view among actants recognizing the obsolescence of some of the representation tools that have been given to us. A transposition of scales, points of view and genres.


Philip Roth exposed the question of intimacy in spatial terms: “the great joke that biology is spending on you is that you get to intimacy before you know anything. In the initial moment you understand everything. At first, each one is attracted to the surface of the other, but also intuits the total dimension. And the attraction does not have to be equivalent: one is attracted by one thing, and the other, by another. It’s surface, it’s curiosity, but then, zas, the dimension. “


Zas. The dimension.


Their new entry portals, such as online dating apps and the ever-increasing approach of technological devices to the body, attract us to an event horizon unattained until now. Speculating in the trail of Agustín Fernández Mallo, “it may not be the Internet of things but the love of things that saves us from cosmic solitude …”


Alicia Kopf


(Full correspondence between Alicia Kopf and scientists Augustín Fernández Mallo and Carlos Pobes)



Speculative Intimacy is the second exhibition by Alicia Kopf at Galeria Joan Prats. It’s her most recent work, which brings together drawings, photographs, writing and a video made with the collaboration of the choreographer and dancer Núria Guiu.


From the exercise of drawing and writing, Alicia Kopf (Gerona, 1982) reflects on apparently individual issues that have become generational concerns. The expressive dimension of her work is related to her studies in Fine Arts Literature Theory and Comparative Literature.


She has exhibited in museums and art centers such as Accademia Di Spagna, Rome (2019), MAC La Coruña in the 15th Naturgy art exhibition (2018); Sala Mendoza, Caracas, Mazcul, Maracaibo (2017); CCCB, Barcelona, Museum of Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia (2015); Goethe Institute, La Capella and MACBA, Barcelona (2014); Fundació Tàpies, Barcelona (2013); Bòlit La Rambla, Gerona (2011) or CaixaForum, Barcelona (2009). Until September 22nd, she exhibits in Azkuna Centroa, Bilbao, drawings of the series ‘Conquest drawings’, within the exhibition ‘Nunca real/Siempre verdadero’ curated by Iván de la Nuez.


As a novelist, her most important work is ‘Brother in ice’, published in 2015, with which she won the Documenta Prize 2015, the 2016 Llibreter Prize, the 2016 Ojo Crítico Award and the Cálamo Otra Mirada 2017.



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