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Political Advertisement X: 1952-2020

Political Advertisement X: 1952-2020. Un projecte de Muntadas i Marshall Reese.


Projecció Zumzeig Online: Coincidint amb les eleccions nord-americanes, la pel·lícula estarà disponible online durant 24 hores, el 3 de novembre.


La projecció també inclou una presentació d’Albert Alcoz i un epíleg de Marcelo Expósito.


+ info i entrades



Des de 1984, els artistes Muntadas i Marshall Reese han creat una antologia d’anuncis televisius de campanyes presidencials que s’actualitza cada 4 anys per a incloure anuncis de cada elecció presidencial, des de la campanya Eisenhower-Stevenson de 1952 fins a l’actual convocatòria electoral Trump-Biden.


La seva última versió, Political Advertisement X: 1952-2020, és una visió personal de com es presenten la política i els polítics a través de la imatge en moviment.




Hannah Collins

London, 1956

Lives and works between London and Níjar (Almería, Spain)



Hannah Collins is one of the pioneer artists in the use of the large format in the photographic discipline. She became known in the international scene during the early nineties.


If on the one hand the size of her works were monumental, on the other the portrayed theme was often of intimate nature and close to the spectator, incorporating a reflection around the fleetingness of present time and its survival through the memory of the places


Regarding the use of video and the installations of multiple screens that she has introduced during the last years, Collins persists and extends her interest for those places and peoples that inhabit the limits, the margins of society. In this sense the migration movements or the gipsy communities have been some of the recently explored subjects in her works. Here, the resulting image is located between the documentary and the precise actor performance.