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Julião Sarmento participa en la exposición ‘Arte y arquitectura: un diálogo’ en el Centro Botín, Santander.


‘Arte y arquitectura: un diálogo’ explora la influencia de la arquitectura en el arte y ofrece reflexiones sobre cómo la arquitectura conforma nuestras propias vidas y articula la interacción social.


Esta exposición reúne una selección de obras de artistas que en su día dirigieron un taller de artes plásticas de la Fundación Botín y expusieron sus trabajos en Santander, junto con piezas creadas por antiguos beneficiarios de la beca de artes plásticas que concede la fundación.


Comisario: Benjamin Weil


Hasta el 14 de marzo de 2021



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Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona, 1963

Lives and Works in Barcelona



Since 1990, Eulàlia Valldosera has developed a multidisciplinary work through ink works, photography, performance, installation and video.


She uses light, shadow, reflection and movement to create moments focused on the female archetype: the domestic environment, quotidian objects and specific places that create this intimacy, maternity, the body and the male gaze. In answer to the position of the work of art as part of the market economy, she employs her own body as starting point of her creations. Eulàlia Valldosera believes there is a taboo surrounding such corporeality, particularly in Europe.


The female body is used as a mean of identification, a beauty subject, on reproduction, contamination and decadence. It is however a flesh machine that must be cleaned and fed.


The focus can also shift from the body to the objects that surround it. Objects are transformed into `social mediators´ in her installations: they say something about the culture, the desire, the emotions and the daily life of the people who acquired them. The light brings with it a dark side, the hidden meaning of the objects on the surface. In Eulàlia Valldosera’s world, the shadows, as anti-objects, refer to a collective subconscious.