Teresa Solar

Madrid, 1985

Lives and works in Madrid



Teresa Solar’s work revolves around heterogeneous practices that materialize in audiovisual and sculptural works, in which the languages of the two disciplines connect and interact.


Her projects, structured around characters or catalysts, are typified by being long-lasting and developed in different phases and manifestations. Within this constellation of characters, it is possible to highlight the work with Lawrence of Arabia and with the photographer Harold Edgerton, that allow her to speak of cross-cutting thematic axes in her work, like the figure of the pioneer and of the foreigner.


Her sculptural works are closely linked to her audiovisual projects. Many of the elements she uses, such as sets and props, for her films, are later used as sculptures and vice versa. Teresa Solar explores the double nature of these elements, visited through the partial view of the camera and which, later, develop a new entity in the room.