Tony Oursler

New York, 1957

Lives and works in New York



Tony Oursler has not only created his own genre within the arts during the 70ties, but also his own universe within his mediation. Although Tony Oursler is a major figure in recent history of art of multi-media installation and video projections, his humoristic and cunning imaging also finds expression in his works on paper and in his paintings.


The mini-narratives of Ourslers artworks often takes place within a microcosmic scenery where the viewers sense of security and uneasiness is tested by the limits between representative, realistic and imaginary landscapes. In Ourslers own words: “My characters tend to exist in a kind of existential spaces, somewhat tortured, struggling”.


From the outset, Tony Oursler has explored the relationship between man and cultural production, applying humor and irony to his work. Hereby he elevates everyday things above their mere objectivity, commenting on contemporary culture in themes such as violence, sex, religion, media, family, etc. always questioning the status of human beings in a destabilized world.