Victor Pimstein

Mexico City, 1962

Lives in Barcelona



This painter’s work starts from the reflection and investigation over what he observes in his environment and the dialogue with himself. This leads to a complete pictorial series strongly personal, around a subject that he wants to understand, explore, approach or even appropriate to find its meaning, as for example the one he dedicated to the Dutch master Vermeer of Delft or to the films by John Ford.


This repainting of Pimstein is a recreation or an invention; it’s not about a mere copy. The artist approaches his object of study with a contemporary sensitivity.


He often concentrates his attention on details: the fragment or series on a same fragment; he also amplifies particular aspects. He even focuses on the detail or the amplification making it become something abstract or decontextualized. His fractured painting’s sense understands the object of study not as contemplation but as a relationship between the painter and that object, in that his self is enriched and modified in a context that goes further than the limits of direct experience.


The images in his work are intentionally blurred as if it was about a stimulus to imagination or put in another way, to place the mystery in our own subjectivity as a dialogue instrument with painting.