Victoria Civera

Circular en el silencio, 2018-2019 Ensimismamiento (Tempo II), 2016 Victoria Civera Victoria Civera Serie Radial. Horizontes circulares #7, 2017 Serie Radial. Horizontes circulares #9, 2017 Serie Tablets. El hombre de los pasajes #2, 2017 Aviador-Sibilla, 2008 Nido de suelo 2, 2014 Nido de suelo 4, 2014 Nido de suelo 8, 2014 Nido de suelo 10, 2014 Nido de suelo 17, 2005-2014 Nido de suelo 41, 2015 Nido de suelo 42, 2015 Trofeo (Imán), 2014 Ida y vuelta (Limbo), 2005-2014 Nidos 3, 2015 Nidos 2, 2015 Mensaje Reversible, 2014 Otro mar (Benissa), 2014 Peto (Miniar), 2014 Mimi, 2013 Cerca de ti, 2013 Mala piedra, 2013 Abril (1), 2020 Abril (2), 2020

Port de Sagunt, Valencia, 1955

Lives and works between New York and Saro (Cantabria)



Victoria Civera’s career began in the seventies, working mainly photomontage. Over the next decade she focused on painting, abstract at first, but then introduced figurativism. In the middle of this decade Victoria Civera moves to New York and integrates photography and sculpture to her practice. Her creations undergo a transformation, making them more introspective.


Because of the iconography of her work, focused on the feminine universe, and because of her oneiric content, Victoria Civera has achieved a personal language, full of nuances. She moves in between large-scale pieces, in which she uses industrial materials, and suggested and poetic understatement pieces, often incorporating ordinary household objects.