Julião Sarmento

Broken Alice, 2014 Antliae, 2014 Jabbah, 2014 Sarin, 2014 Frames Grey Squares, 2013 One Too Many (Yellow), 2013 Literature and Critiscism, 2009 What Makes A Writer Great (Vanity), 2000 O Fim do Mundo (3), 2017 Alnitak, 2014 Five frames (black and grey grey), 2014 Five Frames, 2013 Eliot, 2008 Domestic Isolation 17, 2002 Jet Black Tide, 2016 Jet Black Tide, 2016 Jet Black Tide, 2016 Crash dummy, 2016 Crash dummy, 2016 Quarentine (glory and heroism), 2020 Quarentine (lust and languor), 2020 Quarentine (loneliness and memories), 2020

Lisbon, 1948-2021



From the early seventies, Julião Sarmento has explored the possibilities of painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video. There is a process of suggestive hiding in his works that situates the spectator not only as an observer but also as a participant of his narrative.


The woman is a recurring motive in his works and from it he elaborates concepts linked to sexuality, desire or seduction. The relationships he evokes, on latent tension, violence, obsession or mystery, are obtained from a meticulous dynamic between the participating agents in the physical space, in the case of installations, or in the edition, in case of films and videos. The resulting works unleash all the detached intrigue of the images in constant suspense and tension.