Luis Gordillo

Vegetal animal, 2018-2020 En aguas estancadas, 2013 El amor entre las plantas, 2014 Contraespejos A, 2012 Contraespejos C, 2013 S/T, 2007 S/T, 2007 S/T, 2007 S/T, 2003 Situaciones D, 2014 Situaciones H, 2014 Untitled, 2010 Salomé – 2 (Presentació 1), 2008 Fidelio -2, 2008 Tiefland -2, 2008 Turandot, 2008 La cabeza del bautista -3, 2008 Simon Boccanegra -2, 2008 P-2, 2001 S/T (1), 2020 S/T (2), 2020 S/T (3), 2020 Luis Gordillo Luis Gordillo Luis Gordillo Luis Gordillo

Seville, 1934

Lives and works in Madrid



Luis Gordillo started his career during the fifties when he travelled to Paris and got acquainted with the European art of the time, in particular with artists such as Wols, Dubuffet, Michaux and Fautrier. In his first works the influence of surrealism and Tàpies can be appreciated to which an early seventies Pop art associated iconography would be incorporated in later years.


Gordillo becomes one of the permanently renovating painters of the pictorial language and one of the artists that during the early seventies reincorporate figuration. It’s likewise in that moment, when he starts to work with photographic images, that this, in some way or another, is introduced in the process of creation in his paintings.


Both ideas, that of the process and the continuous construction as resource of accumulation, are elements that are permanently present in his work.