Look, See, Perceive, 2008 Antoni Muntadas Dérive Veneziane: The Film, 2015 Dérive Veneziane: The Film, 2015 On Translation: The Pille, 2014 On Translation: The Pille, 2014 On Translation: The Pille, 2014 Antoni Muntadas Targhe (Protocolli Veneziani II), 2013 A#1 della serie PVI, 2013 PDC#1 della serie PVI, 2013 On Translation: La Mesa de Negociación II, 2005 On View, 2004 On Translation: Stand By 3, 2005 On Translation: The Bank, 1997-2002 Warning, 2002 On Translation: Warning/ 警告, 2013 Double Exposure: TK – SL, 2010 Selling the future (1982-2006), 2006 Fear, Panic, Terror, 2010 Fear I, 2008 Projecte Proyecto Project, 2007 ¿Por qué? Why? Per què?, 2007 Antoni Muntadas Antoni Muntadas Antoni Muntadas

Barcelona, 1942

Lives and works between Barcelona, New York and Venice.



Antoni Muntadas’s work has developed from its beginning –early seventies– a constant criticism towards the languages and messages of the media as clear instruments of power.


Since the first moment he used the video as useful tool to dissect and make the mechanisms of communications visible, referring to television and the designated `media landscape´. This genuine study and treatment turned him into an early pioneer in the audiovisual artistic field.


Likewise, Muntadas has analyzed and questioned the relationships that are established between the public and the private through his video works, photographs and multimedia installations; it’s from the early nineties that he incorporates internet to this list.


Also, since the 90s, he initiates new kinds of long-term. In each of these projects a principal concept is developed, which extends through different stages and contexts.