Sergi Aguilar

Barcelona, 1946

Lives and works in Barcelona




Sergi Aguilar’s sculptures question and challenge the conventions of the principal paradigms that have shaped the history of the media in the context of Spain. In the nineties his work included photography and drawing, which had a heavy influence on the language of his sculptural works. Aguilar’s artistic oeuvre is shaped by his experiments with iron, and his attempts to create volume by “drawing in space”, by using iron sheets to form void spaces. Aguilar’s sculptures are as much the material as the empty negative spaces they shape. In his own words; “regardless of whether a space is virtual or not, what matters is the energy the work gives off and hence the territory it generates”.


Aguilar’s works speak in a pure and geometric abstract language. They interpret symmetry as a spatial measure and question the territories appropriation via sculpture. In this way the works insist on being a reflection on sculpture itself in relation to the surroundings, the transforming play of light and shade, and thereby a lyrical expression as much as a figurative.