El motiu, 1994 A 2000 m de pintura sobre el nivell del mar, 1986-8 Intempèrie I, 1993 Intempèrie I, 1993 Perejaume Obres, 2017 Obres, 2015 Motllura, 2003 D'escriure així, 2002 Les lletres i el dibuix 2, 2004 La segona edat de les obres 3, 2002 La segona edat de les obres 5, 2002 Obres completes, 2004 Migdia a Valls, 2009 Suro, 2008 Alzina, 2003 Correcció de Torrents, 2001 Atròfia del dibuix, 2008 El Món com a Sala d’Exposicions, 1997 Muntanyes 1, 2, 3, 2014 Obreda (I), 2010 Cambra, 2000 Surar, 2009 Surar, 2009 Gustave Courbet, 2000 Assaig de mimologia forestal, 2005

Sant Pol de Mar, 1957

Lives and works in Sant Pol de Mar



Perejaume started to exhibit his work during the late seventies and since then he has been developing it in parallel, either in visual disciplines or in literary extension.


The landscape is a recurring subject analyzed and explored in his work, retaking and reevaluating the presence it has had most of all, in its literary and visual production. Through this approach, his relationship with the landscape is examined from diverse points of view none of which are exempt of irony. Points of view that are shaped through painting, sculpture, photography, installations, video or the intervention on the natural environment itself.


For Perejaume, man is part of the landscape, he isn’t an outsider to it and he is yet another agent in its conformation and evolution, as if the geologic time would have been accelerated.