Galeria Joan Prats, Barcelona

6.9.2018 – 19h



Rafael Argullol, escriptor, professor d’estètica a la UPF

Gloria Moure, crítica d’art i comissària

Francis Rambert, director de la Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, París

Josep Lluís Mateo, arquitecte

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing


Opening, 18.8.2018 – 16.30h

Lecture, 18.8.2018 – 15h


Curator: Esteban Andueza & Du Xiyun



The Beijing location of Three Shadows Photography Art Centre is proud to present the Antoni Muntadas exhibition Asian Protocols: China, Japan and South Korea, a multidisciplinary research art project investigating the ways that private and public protocols affect society and people’s lives. 


Starting from the premise of Muntadas as an outside observer planted in three countries, he develops his own research exploring questions about the idea of “protocol” as applied to culture, politics, education, society, public and private space, economy, the religion, etc. As an artist, his analysis takes the form of videos, installations, documentary films, archives, and others – an array of disciplines that Muntadas has been exploring for the last decades.


Asian Protocols, then, is a visual research work focused on the cultural background of the three countries, dissecting the similarities and differences between the collective and the individual in all three. It also attempts to breakdown stereotypes about the three countries, focusing on three megacities: Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo.


The first installment of the project was presented at the Total Museum in Seoul in 2014. In 2016 the project was shown at 3331 Arts Chiyoda in Tokyo. The third and final exhibition will be held at The Three Shadows Art Centre in Beijing in August 2018.


Since its beginning, the project has been constantly growing, enriching itself with research carried out in each specific site, offering new contents and formats. In the Beijing exhibition the audience will find a total of 10 well-differentiated sections presented through a wide spectrum of artistic formats that, far from trying to show conclusive ideas, pretend that the spectator himself is the one who elaborates and questions his own analysis and conclusions.


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Caixaforum, Barcelona

19.7 – 21.10.2018




Al llarg de la història els artistes s’han demanat de què és capaç l’art. Aquesta exploració de la potència de l’art com a eina transformadora segueix vigent avui dia. Els artistes treballen amb representacions de la realitat que, de manera més o menys poètica, manifesten la seva visió sobre la vida que els envolta, i generen obres amb el poder d’una turbulència, és a dir, com un detonant capaç d’obrir els ulls de la societat davant de realitats desconegudes.


La mostra presenta vint artistes de generacions, cosmovisions i maneres de fer diferents, com a reflex de la diversitat de la Col·lecció “la Caixa” d’Art Contemporani, reunida al llarg de més de trenta anys, amb l’objectiu de promoure la crítica, el debat i la reflexió activa sobre el món que vivim i construïm.

Comissària Nimfa Bisbe


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The Lisbon Totem #3, 2017

Opening: 26.9, 7 pm 

Exhibition October – November



We are pleased to announce Pedro Cabrita Reis´ first exhibition in our gallery, presenting a selection of recent works of sculpture, paintings and photography.


The work by Cabrita Reis includes a great variety of media, varying from photography and drawing to large-scale paintings and sculptures, composed of industrial and often found materials, as in the case of Floresta, 2017, which we are presenting in the exhibition, and they frequently reach architectural dimensions. In this exhibition, we encounter works made of different materials such as steel, wood, aluminium, glass, enamel, bronze and acrylic. In the words of the artist, “Everything that exists is material which can be used in the construction of a work of art”. Consequently, he does not establish hierarchies between the objects and materials he work with. For Cabrita Reis, the material is the way of looking and thinking that changes everything.


Cabrita Reis´ work investigates the limits between architecture, sculpture, painting and photography, while he primarily considers himself a painter. His work is three-dimentional, often very personal and aim to alter, define or question the limits of spatiality. The meaning remains mysterious and fascinating. The contemplation takes form in the material, reaching the spectator, provoking new questions and linking imagination to experience.


Pedro Cabrita Reis began his career in the 1980s, as one of the most distinguished artists of his generation, introducing an universe of archaic and mythical references, collective memory and individual revelation. His works have had a great impact on the Portuguese and international culture, incorporating, into the more radical modern heritage, the possibility of returning to more traditional artistic disciplines: drawing, painting and sculpture.

Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez & Pablo del Pozo

JOAN PRATS warehouse, Passatge Saladrigas 5, Barcelona

By appointment at 932 160 284

Exhibition: 05/09/2018 – 26/10/2018


As part of artnou, Galeria Joan Prats presents the work of two young artists, Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez (Barcelona, 1985) and Pablo del Pozo (Badajoz, 1994).


Their works deal with the relationship that is established between the individual and the space surrounding, from an everyday point of view. The territory and nostalgia, the search for a refuge, the passage of time are important topics in their work, together with the environment. We will show installations of the two artists, that have been made from found objects and materials exposed to the elements.


Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez is interested in the impression that light, the environment and the passage of time is producing on paper. The techniques of lithography and pinhole photography allow her to work with a dilated temporality, as well as to investigate the color. In her artistic practice, paper and fabrics are left at the mercy of the elements, thus becoming photosensitive materials.


On the other hand, the works by Pablo del Pozo have a strong autobiographical character, linked to the experiences of the artist. The feeling of belonging to a place, displacement and nostalgia are subjects that concern him. From the characteristics of the materials used (clay, plaster, pigments and also found objects), he seeks to talk about the precariousness of life, thus generating a reflection on the daily reality.




Aïda Andrés Rodrigálvarez (Barcelona, 1985) lives and works in Barcelona. She owns a Master’s Degree in Artistic Productions and Research (2015-16) and a a Degree in Fine Arts (2014) from the University of Barcelona. She have also an Architecture Degree from the ETSAB, Barcelona (2010). She has individually exhibited at Fundació Arranz-Bravo at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (2017), in the Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (2016) and at Tinta Invisible, Barcelona, (2014). She has been granted by Institut Ramon Llull for the Jeune Création Européenne Biennale, has received the production grant Felicia Fuster (2018), Guasch-Coranty  (2016) and the prize Arranz-Bravo (2017).


Pablo del Pozo (Badajoz, 1994) lives and works in Barcelona. He owns a Degree in Fine Arts (2014) from the University of Barcelona (2017). He has individually exhibited at Centre Tecla Sala de L’Hospitalet de Llobregat), at Le Beffroi de Montrouge, París (2017) and at the Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (2016). He has been selected to the Biennal de Valls, the Guasch-Coranty prize (2017) and to the Jeune Création Européenne Biennale (2017-8) with exhibitions in several European cities like Montrouge, France (2017); Hjørring, Denmark; Cēsis, Latvia; Cluj, Romania (2018); Como, Italy; Figueres and Amarante, Portugal (2019). He also has been granted by a production scholarship by the Sala d’art Jove de la Generalitat (2017), where he will show during June 2018.


Centre d’Arts Plastiques de Royan, Espace d’art contemporain des Voûtes du Port, Royan, France

7.7 – 30.9.2018

Vernissage 6.7.2018 – 18.30h


Le C.A.P. ROYAN a la chance de pouvoir exposer des oeuvres majeures de ce grand peintre. Réalisés à Barcelone, Cadaqués et New York, ces tableaux et dessins proviennent de collections de Barcelone et Paris.


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