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Línea Dolca 2008 – 2018. Irrefrenable 

Sala Concepción Arenal, Centro Cultural Los Arenales. Archivo y Biblioteca Central de Cantabria. 

08.10 – 09.11.2020 



Esta exposición nace de una selección de imágenes de las miles que componen el archivo personal de Juan Uslé. Son imágenes de paisajes naturales y urbanos, naturalezas muertas, retratos, autorretratos, personajes familiares y anónimos, rincones de su casa, su estudio o meras superficies anónimas. Toda una línea continua de imágenes que combinan tramas, luces, sombras, abstracciones, reflejos y composiciones tanto orgánicas como geometrías, que van desde las horizontales o verticales hasta las diagonales. Fotografías a color, donde los motivos, texturas y tonalidades nos remiten al universo pictórico del artista.


Sus fotografías nos muestran todo aquello que rodea o llama la atención de Uslé, sin escenografía o manipulación. Son una mirada trasversal e íntima que abarca motivos, composiciones y colores, todos ellos sugerentes y seductores para el espectador, estrechando así la distancia entre realidad y ficción.



Exposición incluida dentro de la programación de PHotoESPAÑA Santander 2020.



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Soñé que revelabas (Madeira), 2019

Opening: 10.10.2019,  7pm


Friday October 11, 6.30pm, talk between Juan Uslé and curator Javier Sánchez Martínez


The title of the new exhibition by Juan Uslé in Galeria Joan Prats, ‘Unsettled’ alludes metaphorically to painting, the central subject of his entire work.

“Unsettled” means unstable, but also variable, restless, something that includes opposites, or a paradox. In Uslé’s paintings, the stripes of color fluctuate, they do not have a definite beginning and end, and refer to the passage of time, the hours, the seasons, the changing landscapes, such as Bernia, a mountain range located in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula, a place of inspiration for Uslé, among many others.


Juan Uslé’s work reflects on the possibilities of painting. In his words: “Speaking of painting, I would also talk about his tremor, his ‘no fixation’, his journey or, even better, what we understand as displacement.”


Formed by repeated strokes, although never identical, his work is characterized by movement and rhythm, and invoke the surrounding environment, and, at the same time, the energy of the body’s drives. Uslé creates a pictorial language where formal or metalinguistic aspects are mixed with his life experience, in addition to allusions to time and the creation process itself. According to Juan Uslé: “Time is what we have left. I conceive it as a horizontal surface where past and future moments are deposited and transfigured. Many of my small works seem to go on, spread in space. They suggest a “landscape” –let’s call it this way- or space of multiple juxtaposed horizons.”


In the exhibition, Uslé presents small formats, which create a close and intimate relationship together with large-scale works, the largest dimension he has worked with and which he started in 2017. Small works are organized into families, and speak of repetition, but also individually contain their own identity.


The exhibition is completed with two large format photographs. They make allusions to the painting and invoke the recollection and emotion of the discovery.

Like his paintings, they question our ability to see, think, perceive and feel.

Soñé que revelabas (Madeira), 2019

Santander, 1954

Lives and works in New York and Saro (Cantabria)



Juan Uslé´s painting is based on his urban experience, particularly New York, where he moved in the late eighties. Visual perception, liquid – so mobile and fluid – and light structures and spaces, greatly influenced him, bringing forth a combination of geometric elements and organic elements in his compositions.


Juan Uslé works mixing his own colors and applying them by dispersion on canvas, building abstract images from geometric patterns, light and color. In each of his compositions he combines the search of an organization and structure, along with the appearance of the unexpected.


The painting of Juan Uslé analyzes, rather than expresses, the origin of his own images based on the urban experience. His practice is based on the interplay between formal antitheses, and so his work is defined as opposing dynamics.