The 16th Lyon Biennale announces curatorial framework and participating artists, including Annika Kahrs.



Curated by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, the 16th Lyon Biennale ‘manifesto of fragility’ proceeds with the announcement of its curatorial framework, participating artists and institutional partners. The Biennale, opening September 2022 (14/09 – 31/12/2022), will expand beyond its customary venues in Lyon into locations throughout the city in order to welcome the participation of the broadest possible public.


‘manifesto of fragility’ is structured along two distinct axes that function as complimentary conduits for the Biennale’s consideration of fragility. A horizontal, geographical line carries the contributions of 87 contemporary artists from 39 countries engaging with the topic of fragility in a wide range of artistic practices. A vertical, temporal line will deliver more than 100 historical artworks and objects spanning two millennia on loan from several diverse collections in Lyon and abroad. The Biennale posits a point of intersection between the two axes to initiate a focused exploration of fragility within the context of the dazzling yet tumultuous 1960s era of Beirut’s so-called Golden Age, featuring 230 artworks by 34 artists and more than 300 archival documents from nearly 40 collections worldwide.


The artists taking part in the 16th Lyon Biennale bring diverse approaches to the focal theme of fragility that represent varied understandings of our current state of global uncertainty. The Biennale appeals to a broad coalition of international artists to share in building a nuanced patchwork of narratives illuminating moments of resilience in the face of social, political and environmental upheaval The artists gathered around the Biennale embody various faces of fragility, some in the issues they tackle, and others in the materials they use. What their works have in common is the potential to inform our thinking about generative paths of resistance.



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‘Maniobra’, de Perejaume, es projecta dimarts, 25 de gener, a la Filmoteca de Catalunya, a les 19.30 h. (Sala Laya)


Presentació i col·loqui a càrrec de Perejaume, Victoria Cirlot i Pepe Serra (director MNAC).



Maniobra (Perejaume, 2014) 79’. VOSE.



Visita guiada per l’exposició Maniobra de Perejaume a càrrec de l’autor en què es planteja una narració d’obres i documents que procura ressituar una certa avantguarda arcaïtzant que es dona a Catalunya com a resultat d’una tensió entre l’acadèmia moderna i el substrat d’una territorialitat barroca: fèrtil, callada i resistent.



Activitat del cicle especial, en relació a l’exposició ‘Donar Cabuda’



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Les Trois Grâces – Cabrita

February 12th – June 7th 2022

Jardin des Tuileries – Musée du Louvre



Musée du Louvre has invited Cabrita to exhibit his large-scale reinterpretation of ‘Les Trois Grâces’ (‘The Three Graces’) at Jardin des Tuileries, as part of the 2022 France-Portugal Cruzada Season. 


These figures “come from the depths, long before Athenian democracy, pass through the Roman Empire, reach the Middle Ages, have an even more accentuated moment of brilliance in the Renaissance, reappear again in the 17th and 18th centuries with Rubens, and reach the modernity with Picasso, Matisse, and all that”, explains the Portuguese artist. The three elements are made of cork, each one is approximately 4.50 meters high and they are supported on an iron base, standing for the persistence in art history and the need to review the topic of representation to understand a monument. 


‘Les Trois Grâces’ by Cabrita will be on display from 12 February to mid June.



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Making off

Sea Sky Land: towards a map of everything. Martínez Celaya.


USC Fisher Museum of Art. February 2 – April 9, 2022



USC Fisher Museum of Art presents Enrique Martínez Celaya, SEA SKY LAND: towards a map of everything. SEA SKY LAND brings together approximately 30 large-format paintings and sculptures created by the artist between 2005 and 2020. While Martínez Celaya has had numerous museum and gallery exhibitions worldwide over the last two decades, this is the first time the arc of his practice will be revealed in a Southern California museum since 2001.


Martínez Celaya’s philosophical and poetic probing in writings plays an integral part in his artistic practice. Together these works suggest a map of sorts, and this artistic, poetic, and intellectual mapping reveals a territory shaped by self, time, memory, meaning, myth, ideations of home, and the world as it is. Each of the three galleries at the Fisher Museum will present the artist’s writings alongside paintings and sculptures dedicated to one of three motifs—sea, sky, and land.



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Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art announces the name of the third biennial, participants and venues.


Annika Kahrs is amongst the participants of RIBOCA3 main exhibition, opening in July 2022.


The artists’ vision as the conceptual starting point of the exhibition allows the creation of the RIBOCA3 exhibition to be positioned as a space for experimental expressions free from preconceived ideas. The works on display at the Biennale will function in their own right, inspiring discussions that are not subject to the strict theme of the exhibition. The title Dignity Exercises emphasizes the idea that each work of art should be viewed separately, but at the same time they all fit into the concept and context of the biennial. René Bloks, the main curator of the Biennale, explains in more detail: “Looking back at history, gestures that show respect are often used to indicate that we are trying to understand each other, despite differences of opinion. The exhibition will feature voices from different generations and around the world, and it will be both harmonious and disharmonious when listening to the overall sound of the Biennale.”



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Frac Bretagne, Rennes

21.01 – 20.02.2022


Les trois affiches Tout va bien (France), aux couleurs du drapeau national, font partie d’un ensemble de dix sérigraphies, Frases/Sentences, réalisé entre 1999 et 2004. Puisant dans les expressions linguistiques locales et dans l’univers médiatique, l’artiste propose un éventail de slogans étonnamment optimistes dans un contexte mondial de crise, où l’ironie et la malice opèrent une tentative de ré-enchantement du monde. Force est de constater que si le monde a résolument changé depuis une vingtaine d’années, il reste en crise et notre optimisme est, chaque jour, mis à rude épreuve. Alors, faisons comme si tout allait bien, dans le contexte d’une crise sanitaire sans fin et d’une campagne électorale à la vacuité déconcertante.



Né en 1942. Vit et travaille à New York.

Pionnier de l’art vidéo et de l’installation dans les années 70, Muntadas a poursuivi ses activités dans l’espace urbain. Son oeuvre porte sur des enjeux sociaux, politiques et de communication, la relation entre l’espace public et l’espace privé à l’intérieur des structures sociales, l’investigation des canaux d’information et la manière dont ils peuvent servir à censurer l’information et à promouvoir des idées. Il travaille aujourd’hui à partir de différents médias comme la photographie, la vidéo, les publications, Internet et les supports multimédias. Ses oeuvres ont été exposées dans le monde entier.


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