Conversations Recent Portuguese art in the Serralves Collection / Conversas Arte portuguesa recente na Coleção de Serralves

Serralves – Museu de Arte Contemporânea, Porto

15.09.2016 – 22.01.2017

The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art continues its programme dedicated to the Serralves Collection with ‘Conversations: Recent Portuguese Art’. The exhibition features recently acquired or soon to be incorporated works of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, film and video made after the 2000s. 

Conceived as a series of overlapping dialogues between some of Portugal’s most influential artists from the generations of the 1960s until now, the exhibition proposes narratives that draw upon formal explorations of the real, the legacies of modernism, expanded notions of painting, and visionary worlds of imagined landscapes and speculative surrealism.