Ateneo art gallery (Manila, Philippines)

24.11.2021 – 12.03.2022


Renowned conceptual artist Antoni Muntadas launches his first exhibition in Manila titled Muntadas: Exercises on Past and Present Memories in collaboration with the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG) and Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo de Sevilla (CAAC). Muntadas presents three projects that translate memories and histories of the Philippines and Spain and their relevance to contemporary history


Antoni Muntadas (b. 1942) is considered one of the pioneers of multimedia installations and urban interventions. With his art practice spanning over four decades, he develops projects through collaborative research to create site-specific works that resonate with local issues and experiences. He first visited Manila in 2019 and his brief encounter with the city led him to further investigate the past and present of Spain’s former colony. Fortuitously, the project coincides in time with the commemoration of the quincentennial of the circumnavigation of the globe, as well as with the period of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19.


The idea of movement from the themes of globality and transnationality is central to the works of Muntadas. These concepts can be observed as early as the 16th century, during the height of the Manila – Acapulco Galleon trade, where and when mobility and travel were necessary for commerce and economic development. Starting in Seville in 1565, the galleons stopped by Mexico City and Acapulco for overland trade before sailing to reach the port of Manila. The route also linked Manila with China, and by extension, with other parts of Southeast Asia such as Japan and India. The Manila Galleon trade brought about the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and West, a system that has been considered to be the beginning of globalization.


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La Madraza. Granada.

Centro de Cultura Contemporánea

30.11.2021 – 11.02.2022

Durante el último periodo de docencia de Antoni Muntadas en el programa Art, Culture and Technology (ACT), perteneciente al Massachusetts Institute of Technology, la Universidad de Harvard le solicitó un nuevo proyecto para presentar en el Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts. Fue la ocasión para que Muntadas se planteara evaluar los diferentes estados de la educación y sus institucionalizaciones.


El proyecto About Academia propone una reflexión sobre el sistema académico y universitario estadounidense, y más concretamente sobre cómo la dualidad público/privado, así como las complejas relaciones que se dan entre la producción de conocimiento e intereses económicos han influido en la educación y en sus diferentes formas de pedagogía.


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1646 – Experimental art space, The Netherlands

10/12/2021 – 16/01/2022


Teresa Solar’s imaginary is based on the morphology of speech and, by extension, of thought. Morphology is the study of words and how they are formed. Concepts like resistance, insulation, tightness and immunity are developed through a multidisciplinary production focused on sculpture and drawing, sprouting multi-layered narratives. Throat, pore, hatch, tongue, pipe — her pieces are populated with connotations of connectivity and flow. Hers is a practice full of words and full of organs that create words: a talkative work that doubts itself but nevertheless wants to talk.

Solar’s exhibition at 1646 Solar is centered around newly commissioned clay work. The work with ceramics is especially relevant in her production, the artist interprets the clay as a metaphor for the relationship of the human being with the geological mantle on which our civilizations lay and creates through the intrinsic insulating qualities of the material cavernous systems with which to tell stories of self-protection and isolation.

Teresa Solar’s solo exhibition big mouth. within boundaries. oozing out. is a collaboration with Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M) in Madrid. The new work will be presented in both Madrid and The Hague.

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2021 Chengdu Biennale: SUPER FUSION

November 6, 2021–April 6, 2022



Under the guidance of the Chengdu City Culture Broadcasting and Tourism Department, the SUPER FUSION 2021 Chengdu Biennale takes place from November 6, 2021 to April 6, 2022 in two venues in the Tianfu Art Park—the Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art and Tianfu Gallery.



The Biennale will present over 500 pieces from almost 300 artists, providing the people of Chengdu with a wide range of artworks that reflect the diverse and responsive nature of Chengdu’s artistic and cultural climate, while boosting the status of the city as a cultural capital.



272 artists from a total of 35 countries and regions have been invited to join, including such international figures as Anish Kapoor and Tony Cragg from the United Kingdom, Katharina Grosse from Germany, Caio Reisewitz from Brasil, and Chinese artists Xu Bing, Zhang Xiaogang, Zeng Fanzhi, Song Dong and Cao Fei. As well as featuring internationally renowned Chengdu artists like Zhou Chunya and He Duoling, the biennale will also present works by the new generation of young local artists.



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