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exposure:the fact of experiencing something or being affected by it because of being in a particular situation or place (Cambridge Dictionary)


Exposures is a series of online exhibitions that aims to reflect on topics related to the current context, and around the general idea of ‘The body and the other’.


Exposures #03The hands


The third proposal revolves around the hand, the part of the human body most linked to the artistic creation along with the eyes and which at the same time helps us to communicate and relate, just like the word.


It brings together works by Erick Beltrán, Cabello/Carceller, Victoria Civera, Hannah Collins, Enzo Cucchi, Chema Madoz, Enrique Martínez Celaya, Muntadas, Perejaume, Marcel Rubio Juliana and Julião Sarmento.


Our hands are taking an unusual role in the last months due to their role in the transmission of viruses. Touching things, touching our faces, touching other hands has become dangerous, hands are now forced to cover themselves with gloves, to wash constantly, not to touch, not even to say hello.


But we have seen how its presence has been a constant in many artistic works, from prehistoric art to the present day, due to its formal and symbolic variety.


The non-verbal language of gestures reveals the relationship between hand and mind. In the works we show, the hand gestures express different moods, feelings, attitudes or emotions from fear or sorrow to sensuality or complicity. Sometimes, as happens for example in Julião Sarmento’s works, its representation alludes to the totality of the human body.


Hand gestures also refer to social conventions, thus becoming a representation of the human condition in close relationship with culture and expression. As evidenced in some of Muntadas‘ works, this rhetorical figure can define ambition, agreement, imposition, authority or power.


This exhibition will be on view until September 30th.


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Opening 16.01, 19h

Exhibition 17.01 – 30.05.2020



On Thursday January 16, we will open the seventh exhibition of Chema Madoz at the Galeria Joan Prats. We will present recent works made between 2012 and 2018.


The black and white photographs by Chema Madoz are characterized by their sharpness and fineness. Simple objects of everyday life appear in his pictures. The photographer has manipulated them, often combining two objects, looking for associations or paradoxes. These sculptures created by the artist are born only to be photographed, always with natural light. The change of scale and the absence of color allow us to establish a distance and at the same time distort reality, questioning ideas such as the true and the possible.


In the images of Chema Madoz, therefore, two points of view converge, the one from the photographer himself and the one from the viewer, who faces photography from the same place from where he faced the object. In the words of Chema Madoz, he is interested in “the idea of finding, discovering and perceiving the mystery in everyday life.” At the same time, the artist conceives reality as an exercise of reading, and with a cold look, he documents the destruction of its rules through photography.


All the photographs are printed on baryta paper and sulfide toned.

Galeria Joan Prats

ARCO Madrid


26/02/2020 – 01/03/2020


Booth 9C09




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Chema Madoz, distinguido con la Medalla de Oro al Mérito en las Bellas Artes.


Este galardón distingue a las personas y entidades que han destacado en el campo de la creación artística y cultural. Un reconocimiento a la sólida carrera de fotografía de Madoz.


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Chema Madoz

Pabellón Villanueva. Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid

14.12.2019 – 30.8.2020


El Pabellón Villanueva del Real Jardín Botánico acogerá, entre el 14 de diciembre y el 30 de agosto de 2020, la exposición La naturaleza de las cosas, del Premio Nacional de Fotografía Chema Madoz.


La muestra, comisariada por Oliva María Rubio, reúne una selección de 62 fotografías producidas entre 1982 y 2018 en diálogo con la naturaleza.


Chema Madoz opera con los elementos de la naturaleza de la misma manera en que lo hace con los objetos, buscando asociaciones, desplazamientos, metamorfosis, parentescos, combinaciones, yuxtaposiciones, encuentros fortuitos. Ajeno a las clasificaciones habituales, trastoca las reglas y despliega su fantasía, cambiando la naturaleza de las cosas.


Funde los reinos animal, vegetal y mineral dando lugar a un reino propio en el que transforma hojas, ramas, agua, nubes, maderas, plantas, flores, piedras… ofreciendo las combinaciones más inesperadas.


Junto con la exposición se ha editado un libro homónimo con más de 40 fotografías y los textos El arte de trastocar las reglas de la naturaleza, de la comisaria Oliva María Rubio, y Chema Madoz y el ensimismamiento de las cosas, del escritor vasco Bernardo Atxaga.


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Chema Madoz CCCB

06.06.2019, 18h30

CCCB, Barcelona



Chema Madoz, Premio Nacional de Fotografía, ha creado una fotografía inspirada en la física cuántica a través de un diálogo con Ignacio Cirac, director del Instituto Max Planck de Óptica Cuántica en Múnich, uno de los mayores expertos mundiales en computación cuántica. En esta mesa redonda se analizará el proceso de creación de esta pieza y el papel de la filantropía en la investigación científica.


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B/W photograph on baryta paper, sulfide toned, ed. of 7

Madrid, 1958
Lives and works in Madrid


Chema Madoz’s work, close to visual poetry, shows a constant inclination towards symbolism, using images that are characterized by a subtle play of paradoxes and metaphors.


With regards to the ‘Still Life’ conventions, his photographs show objects that contain “life” and discover a new dimension of meaning through contextualization, relocation or juxtaposition of common and everyday appearances. In this manner, Chema Madoz shapes an imaginary that challenges our credulity in the picture, and in the existence of an intangible reality.