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que vienen las suecas

Dissabte 8 de juliol, 19.30h, a l’Antiga Farinera, Corçà: projecció comentada amb Muntadas.


L’Antiga Farinera. Ctra. C66, 304, 17121 Corçà, La Bisbal d’Empordà, Girona.



“En una recent visita i residència a Palma, a l’arxiu de Casa Planas, vaig trobar un material produït en els anys 50 i 60, una dedicació a la fotografia i la creació de postals d’aquest període a Palma de Mallorca summament interessant.


Veient aquests materials gràfics, evidentment van aparèixer imatges que em van fer recordar una situació que forma part del que jo he viscut. Es tracta de l’arribada a Espanya del turisme, especialment el turisme de masses. Aquests i aquestes turistes, que sobretot provenien ‘del nord’, buscaven el sol. Perseguien els diferents estereotips fomentats per la cultura oficial franquista: ‘lo español’… i el seu eslògan ‘Spain is different’”



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L’Antiga Farinera

Ctra. C66, 304, 17121 Corçà, La Bisbal d’Empordà, Girona

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July from Thursday to Sunday, 5:00-9:00 p.m.

August from Tuesday to Sunday, 5:00-9:00 p.m.



Saturday July 8, 7:30 p.m. Muntadas, ‘Que vienen las suecas’ screening with artist discussion

Saturday July 29, 7:30 p.m. Oliver Frank Chanarin, ‘A Perfect Sentence’ presentation of artist’s latest book in collaboration with Terranova

Saturday August 12, 7:30 p.m. Concert by cellist Oriol Prats (Capellades, 1989). Programme: L. Berio, J-S Bach, Z. Kodály. A collaboration with Schubertíada.


For the third consecutive year, we are delighted to present the collaborative project of Bombon Projects, Galeria Joan Prats, and NoguerasBlanchard.


Once again, the three galleries join forces, from June to August, to give rise to a proposal away from the cities and their galleries of origin. This year, the project travels to a new, larger space: l’Antiga Farinera, a former flour factory from 1822 built around a tower dated from the 12th and 13th centuries.


Located in Corçà, a small medieval village in the region of Baix Empordà (Girona), l’Antiga Farinera’s 500 square metres will hold an exhibition from the programs of the three galleries, coupled with a selection of guest artists from different generations. The proposal will revolve around the concept of movement, and will be accompanied by parallel activities with artists and other cultural agents throughout the summer period.


Text by Ángela Segovia




ARCOmadrid 2023

Galeria Joan Prats

Booth 9C06



For our booth at ARCOmadrid 2023, we present a selection of pieces by our artists, Erick Beltrán, Alfons Borrell, Cabello/Carceller, Victoria Civera, Luis Gordillo, Alicia Kopf, Lola Lasurt, Perejaume, Pablo del Pozo, Fernando Prats, Caio Reisewitz, José María Sicilia, Juan Uslé.



For the first time, we will present a canvas and drawings by Brazilian artist Tadáskía.



Preview here



Alfons Borrell

We are pleased to present the new exhibition by Alfons Borrell at Galeria Joan Prats, entitled Entrar al mar i sortir-ne blau [Enter the sea and come out blue], which we will inaugurate next Saturday, January 28, from 11 am to 2 pm, and where we will show paintings on canvas and on paper made since 1959 until 2017.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Valentín Roma has written: 

In one of his most celebrated essays, entitled On Nothing, the American poet Mark Strand wonders why this inclination to substantiate emptiness is due, to fill it with words, gestures, images.

Strand points out at least three tasks for language when it is challenged from the nakedness: one is a certain degree of obstinacy; another, lightness as a foundation against the definitive; the last one, a kind of opening towards that which, while not being a mystery, is not easily nameable either, something similar to a meticulousness pending precision.

The previous triad could well serve to bring us closer to the work of Alfons Borrell, to his persistence –so little exemplary and so resounding– regarding some of his own arguments through which to develop the practice of painting; to his interventions for the sake of that never fatuous or purely stylistic lightness, a kind of material ethics; to his intense way of erecting the details to make them essential.

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the magic carpet

Documentary film: ‘The magic carpet. Voices to remember Joan de Muga’


The exhibition ‘The Magic Carpet. For Joan de Muga’ is a tribute to Joan de Muga, founder and director of Joan Prats Gallery since 1976, when it opened, until 2020. The exhibition will bring together the work of artists who have been part of the gallery since the beginning to the present, together with photographs, letters, videos and documentation, to explain the history of the gallery and also Ediciones Polígrafa and other projects by Joan de Muga such as Fundació Espai Poblenou.


We will show works by Juan Araujo, Francis Bacon, Alfons Borrell, Joan Brossa, Cabrita, Alexander Calder, Anthony Caro, Chillida, Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Victoria Civera, Hannah Collins, Helen Frankenthaler, Luis Gordillo, Guinovart, Hernández Pijuan, Wifredo Lam, Louise Lawler, Miralda, Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Muntadas, Pablo Palazuelo, Perejaume, Joan Ponç, Fernando Prats, Ràfols Casamada, Caio Reisewitz, Julião Sarmento, George Segal, José María Sicilia, Antoni Tàpies, Juan Uslé, Eulàlia Valldosera, Sue Williams


The title of the exhibition is inspired by a drawing by Joan Ponç dedicated to Joan de Muga, in which he portrayed him on a flying carpet. This sketch refers to his enterprising and visionary character, his passion for traveling and for imagining new projects.


We are organizing the exhibition with the complicity of Carles Guerra, who will write the text of the publication that we will publish later.

ARCOmadrid 2022

Galeria Joan Prats

Booth 9C06 & booth 7B19 (ARCO 40+1)


For our booth at ARCOmadrid 2022, we present a selection of pieces by our artists, with a leading role for painting -Luis Gordillo, Lola Lasurt, Alfons Borrell and Juan Uslé- and others located at the limit of pictorial language -José María Sicilia , Fernando Prats-, or that reflect on the genre, such as Perejaume. Dialoguing with these works, a piece by Muntadas with a more conceptual vision of painting will occupy a special place.


We also present for the first time works by Alicia Framis, beginning our collaboration with the artist.


The Joan Prats Gallery has been selected for the special program 40+1, a section curated by María Inés Rodríguez, Francesco Stocchi and Sergio Rubira that celebrates the fair’s 40th anniversary. In this section we will present emblematic works by three artists who have been very important in the history of our gallery, such as Hernández Pijuan, Ràfols Casamada and Perejaume.





ARCOmadrid 2022

Galeria Joan Prats

Stand 9C06 y stand 7B19, nº1 (ARCO 40+1)




Para nuestro stand en la feria de ARCOmadrid 2022 presentamos una selección de piezas de nuestros artistas, con un protagonismo de la pintura -Luis Gordillo, Lola Lasurt, Alfons Borrell y Juan Uslé- y otras situadas en el límite del lenguaje pictórico -José María Sicilia, Fernando Prats-, o que reflexionan sobre el género, como Perejaume. Dialogando con estas obras, ocupará un lugar especial una pieza de Muntadas con una visión más conceptual en torno a la pintura.


También presentamos por primera vez obras de Alicia Framis, iniciando nuestra colaboración con la artista.


La Galeria Joan Prats ha sido seleccionada para el programa especial 40+1, sección comisariada por María Inés Rodríguez, Francesco Stocchi y Sergio Rubira que celebra el 40 aniversario de la feria. Presentaremos en esta sección obras emblemáticas de tres artistas que han sido muy importantes para la historia de nuestra galería, como son Hernández Pijuan, Ràfols Casamada y Perejaume.



Homenatge Borrell

Cicle en homenatge a Alfons Borrell



Dimecres 2 de juny. 18.30h.

Ateneu Barcelonès. Sala Oriol Bohigas.

Estrena de ‘M’agradaria ser color’, un documental de Toni Moreno.

Taula rodona amb Maria Josep Balsach, Toni Moreno, Manel Guerrero i Bernat Puigdollers.

Estrena de la peça musical ‘Blau Mar’, de Benet Casablancas, interpretada al piano per David Casanova.



Dissabte 12 de juny. 12.30h.

La Pahissa del Marquet, Castellar del Vallès.

Visita a l’exposició ‘ALFONS BORRELL A QUATRE MANS. Llibres d’artistes i projectes’.



Dijous 16 de juny. 18.30h.

Ateneu Barcelonès. Sala Oriol Bohigas.

Lectura poètica en homenatge a Alfons Borrell: Vicenç Altaió, Lluís Calvo, Antoni Clapés, Joaquim Sala-Sanahuja, Víctor Sunyol, Ester Xargay i Perejaume, que realitzarà una acció artística. 

A més, Nú Miret dirà poemes de Joan Brossa.




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Tinta Invisible edicions

c/ Lleó, 6 baixos, 08001 Barcelona

Dates exposició: 8-26.4.2021

Horari: 9 -14h i 15 – 18 h

Dates homenatge:  8.4.2021 a les 18h i 14.4.2021 les 18h


Tinta Invisible i en Manuel Guerrero ens conviden a l’exposició d’homenatge a Alfons Borrell i Josep Mª Mestres Quadreny per recordar a dos grans artistes a través de les edicions que vam realitzar conjuntament.


L’aforament és limitat a 10 persones i només amb cita prèvia a través del correu electrònic ti@gravat.com o per telèfon al 93 301 29 42.




Dijous, 8.4.2021

Obertura de l’exposició

18h Manuel Guerrero, Anna Borrell i Albert Mestres

19h Anna Bofill i Marc Egea (intervenció musical)


Dimecres, 14.4.2021

Homenatge a Alfons Borrell i Josep M. Mestres Quadreny

18 h Vicenç Altaió i Perejaume

19 h Rosa Maria Malet i Andrés Lewin-Richter



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Alfons Borrell. 2.IX.20

Sala I. Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell.


Inauguració, dimecres 2 de setembre a les 19.00 h.

Exposició del 2 de setembre al 2 d’octubre de 2020.


Pintor dels sentiments, els seus quadres duen la taca latent d’una nebulosa plena de vida o el gest madur del traç d’un llamp. Els colors plans escuden o comprimeixen als altres, però sempre hi ha l’escletxa per on s’escapen; un tros de tela per on la taca, la vida, esdevé lliure, omplint tot el llenç, tot vessant el color dels límits del bastidor.


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think about the size




“Escric amb rius i turons / sobre el paper de les planes”    Perejaume*


Spring has been marked by a radical transformation of our ways of moving, relating and exchanging. Suddenly everything has changed. Our perception of everyday things and also of the most relevant things has been questioned. What seemed essential to us becomes not essential. We have realized the precariousness of life, we have known the importance of solidarity, of family, of our loved ones, of our environment. Nature and the environment have also taken a leading role that they did not have before.


Facing this, we have dared to ask the artists of the gallery to participate in this exhibition that we now present, with works which they have carried out during this time of social isolation. They are diverse answers to the same question, they have in common the use of paper as a medium, common for some –like Victoria Civera or Perejaume– and unprecedented for others –like Hannah Collins or Annika Kahrs–.


The making of these works has been able to become an escape route, a tool to continue working despite the difficulties and, at the same time, they allow the spectator to enter the intimacy of the studios and the heads of their creators. They are, in most cases, works made at home, with house’s tools, testimonies of a unique and, we hope, unrepeatable moment.


‘Think about the size of the universe, then brush your teeth and go to bed’ takes the title of a work by the artist Annika Kahrs. Starting with humor, it invites us to reflect on the balance between micro and macro levels and on the search for meaning and identity within the unfathomable universe of which we are a part, reflections that become fundamental in the current context.


The result of this exhibition has been a series of diverse works. In some cases, we see that the themes that worried the artists, before the pandemic, have maintained their leading role or, even in others, they show fragments of their work process and are linked to future projects.


In other cases, we find proposals that speak directly of the current moment: reflections on personal relationships, the political situation, messages from the media or vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly.


Finally, we would also find a third group of works that focus on observing the closest environment and nature.



To provide you with more information and images, please contact galeria@galeriajoanprats.com



* “I write with rivers and hills / on the paper of the plains” Perejaume

Sala dels Trinitaris, Vilafranca del Penedès

24.11.2018 – 13.1.2019

Inauguració 24.11.2018 – 12h


Comissària: Patrícia de Muga


Alfons Borrell (Barcelona, 1931), concep la pintura com un espai de relació amb el món i, a la vegada, com un impuls, una emoció. La seva obra es caracteritza per la importancia del color i es debat entre la subtilitat i la intensitat, entre l’obertura vers la natura i el replegament introspectiu.


Vinculat des del 1955 al llenguatge de l’abstracció, ha estat influenciat en diferents moments de la seva vida per Anglada Camarasa i Brossa, dos artistes que, més enllà d’una estètica, li aportaren una actitud vital i ètica en front de l’art. El treball de Borrell ha estat i és actualment intens i constant, movent-se sempre dins uns paràmetres que va repetint amb rigor i dedicació.


L’exposició que acollirà la Sala dels Trinitaris és una selecció dels darrers treballs d’Alfons Borrell inscrits, la majoria, entre els anys 2016 a 2018. Aquestes darreres obres, que destaquen per la seva contenció i depuració, reclamen a l’espectador formes d’experimentació lliures i obertes per sentir-les i transitar-les.

Alfons Borrell

Barcelona, 1931 – Sabadell, 2020



Alfons Borrell is one of the most prominent representatives of lyrical abstraction in Catalonia.


After attending the studio of Anglada Camarasa and the School of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Alfons Borrell began his artistic career in the fifties, within figuration at first. His work evolved into abstract expressionism and, already in the sixties, to the gestural painting.


In the mid-seventies he developed the style of its own, detached of any label, characterized by a sober chromatism that  is consciously disassociated from the material informality. In his painting, the color is imposed on the form, from a language that waives any reference, craving and seeking restraint and rigor.